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Instructor review of Reevu

Here is a review of the technology from an advanced riding instructor.

I started using my new REEVU helmet in Dec.. & I absolutely LOVE IT! Motorcycles are my passion! I am at my happiest when in my leathers out on the open road with my pride & joy, Phoenix (2010 Yamaha XJ6S). I enjoy long distance touring & catching up with mates at various rallies. As a career, I am an extremely busy NZTA qualified Motorcycle Riding Instructor (Roadsafe Nelson) & run Defensive Riding Courses for licence time reduction & safety. One of the main parts of my job is to instill in people the utmost importance of being “situationally aware” of what is happening around you, ALL the time.. in front, oncoming, beside & behind. We are so vulnerable on a motorcycle & as such, we have to make it our responsibility to be AWARE of the hazards & risks out there.. & not just leave it to the other road users to “see” us.. because as many of us know.. they don't! The blind spot on a motorcycle is huge, & many mirrors give little visibility.. except a great view of our elbow ! Thats where the REEVU helmet is fantastic!! It takes away that whole dangerous blind spot! You can clearly see from white line to white line, on both sides of the road! The mirror system is awesome in situations like merging lanes, pulling away from the side of the road (when turning your head around to get a better view of any traffic coming up behind can be very limited because of a bulky helmet & limited peripheral vision), Riding in duel lan

e situations, as well as intersections & also group riding. Having the mirror system to glance my eyes upwards (just like we do in a car) has opened up a whole new level of safety for me, no longer do I need to take my eyes away from looking forwards to crane my head around to see what is happening behind me. ANYTHING can happen in those precious seconds of looking in the opposite direction!

As soon as I picked up the helmet I instantly noticed the excellent quality of the materials it is made from, the inner liner is extremely comfortable to wear, & is completely removeable for easy washing. The visor was easy to change over to the mirrored visor that I love & my intercom system fitted easily within the padding! It is a very stylish looking helmet & the silver coloured one that I have (better visibility for others to see me) looks great with my bike!

As a comparison experiment, I went back to my old helmet (without the mirror system) for a few rides.. & by crikey.. what a difference I felt blind!!!! Instantly I realised the ability to quickly & effortlessly glance up & see what is happening behind, when required, makes such a marked difference to our safety! As a riding instructor I believe that any little thing that we can do to make ourselves safer, & more visible on the road, is worth doing! & for me, adding this remarkable helmet to the list of changes that I have made to my self, my attitude, my skills and my gear.. is worth every cent! & my kids think so too!

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Altimate Boutique Location

If you prefer to touch the quality of our products up close and be properly fitted, Our Boutique outlet is located at 81 Ingram Dr. It is 4 blocks south of Lawrence, East off Keele. Hours of operation for the months of July and August, Saturday and Sunday closed. Monday-friday until aproximately 5.30pm and Thursday evening by appointment. We highly suggest to call prior to coming as we don’t wish to disappoint anyone. 416 248 2292