Snowmobile Ice Scratchers

Snowmobile Ice scratchers to Cool n Lube your sled

We offer 3 items. 1. a bracket kit to get your cable scratchers upfront. cable part is not included.

2.Rt scratcher kit. complete kit for most sleds. contact us if you have the ts ski set for prosteer skiis and mtn skiis.

A revolutionary new system designed by guys that ride. No more drilling into hi pressure aluminum . The rt scratcher is designed for more than six times the pressure you will get from cable scratchers. This means way more spray and greater cool and lubrication effects.

A multi position bracket gets attached to your skiis and the rake slides on and gets held by a removable hitch pin for easy on and off for storage.

If you find your self pulling ice huts out for miles, ride in flat conditions or riding your sled up a mountain to your favourite bowl, Our snowmobile scratchers will help you arrive cooled and safely

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