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altimatemask™ Sleep Mask


The altimate® Sleep Mask  available from altimategear . Now in our 27th year.

Look to altimate® for  sleeping benefits and for other Medical Benefits.

Sleep mask for high altitudes or the comfort of your bed

Simulates low lights and Resistance Levels in the dark. Improves the copmfort of breathing

Keeps the chill off in all altitudes and temps.


  • Soft and breathable fabric
  • Open breathable facial area for easy inhaling and exhaling
  • Multi designed for men and women
  • Experianced sportsman should benefit from this breathing apparatus
  • Simple Usage, Ultra-Lightweight, Anatomically Designed, Non-Slip Training Strap, One Size Fits Most

Looking for an  alternative to the altimate® Sleep Mask?  See the altimate® no fog mask


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