FSX-1 Replacement Helmet Visors


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Authentic visors for the Reevu FSX1 Modular Motorcycle Helmet

FSX-1 Replacement Helmet Visors for Your odular Reevu Helmet
Choice of tinted visors for that added individuality! or just cool looking sun blocker!

Available in Clear, Smoked and Silver (chrome )

The smoked visor is the darkest and has a bluish tone. The silver has a bronze tone.

The silver matches the stock rear visor and gives the helmet a really cool look. The smoked has a glossy finish to it and has a great contrast especially on the matte black helmet. The white gloss looks great either way. enjoy the comfort of hi viz and the visual appeal of cool!

A great addition to your riding gear and for an enhansed riding experiance with the sun at 12 noon.

Facebook: Altimategear ReevuCanada

Reevu Modular Black Matt


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