MTN RT Snowmobile Ice Scratcher


Snowmobile Ice Scratchers
Spring directional support


Mountain snowmobile ice scratcher- MTN-RT Universal Ski Mount Kit reversable

Comes as a pair one for each ski

Fits those wider skiis. Polaris Grippers, Arctic Pro climb, Slp Powder Pro and Mohawk, slydog and others

MTN-RT Snowmobile Ice Scratcher  from altimategear

Get snow where you need it and cool and lube your sled!  Maintain constant pressure. Reversible. Easily installed and stored!
Do you stand on your skiis ( only mtn riders know about this )? Our post will assist foot from sliding when positioned correctly

Specification for The Spring scratcher with the Rubber U Yoke base:
Resilient custom rubber support base  is a proprietary composite formulated  for -50C temperature operation

and cycle tested for  withstanding over 3 million 30 degree  deflections

Spring steel  scratcher “tine”-is  a super durable long-lasting proprietary Rockwell hardness specification material

Yoke base “U”and spring/bolt assembly designed specifically to function as an extreme impact absorbing unit.

Made from Hardened Spring Steel Coated

Scratchers  pressure set for ice. SEE PHOTOS

The higher  the downward forceful pressure at the scratcher  tip,

the more lubricating ice chip spray  is generated for the slider/track  clips.

Force in Lbs.

Dura Flex 1.3

ACS.          0.9

SPC.          1.0

Blizzers     1.6


Auto Reversable
Fits most skiis
Maximized Slider Lubrication
Enhanced Cooling
Simple , Quick Install
Strong and Durable
Very light Weight
Looks Great!
Check out this video for the demonstration of what you can expect to get
Dealer programs available on request
Have you seen our Hi altitude altimatemask™


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