Msx1 Fsx1 Rear lense


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Msx1 Fsx1 Rear lense
This lense fits all Reevu helmets rear viewing area
At the present time we are stocking Silver( original replacement chrome ) and clear lenses.

Instructions on removing rear lense
Removal of the circular Reevu label at the centre bottom of lense exposes a fastening screw
Remove fastening screws on each corner and at the exposed bottom centre with care. Remove lense.

Inspect reflective rearviewing surface and gently wipe any dust off with a micro fibre cloth during replacement of the rear lense.

Take note: If the socket turns with the screw, the screw may be stuck and light tap or pressure may be required. Do not force anything. Any concerns, riders should call our customer service toll free at 1877 766 2668 for a consult


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