Ski-doo Pto Bearing Buddy

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Ski-doo Pto bearing buddy

Pto bearing buddy for revs and xp’s 600 and 800

This buddy is produced by the original fabricators of this product Made in Canada

The stock seal is removed along with the stock seal retainer, and the bearing buddy (with built in seal) is bolted in place of the factory seal retainer. This allows for adding grease with a grease gun or injector.

Full kit including grease injector .

If you remove the  crank seal on your sled,you will most likely find it dried out. Why replace a dried seal with another that will be dry before you know it when you can insert a seal that can be serviced regularly and easy.

This unit replaces the seal and the seal retainer and allows you to grease the bearing externally and as well has a pressure release valve that releases built up air pressure into the atmosphere instead of blowing out a seal.

Includes isoflex grease and full directions.

Installation comes easy by removing the seal and retainer and replace with the bearing buddy.

The low cost of a bearing buddy could save you hugh $$ building a motor

That being said, if you are already building a motor you might as well replace the seal with the buddy at least now you’ll be able to lubricate it going forward

Dealer enquiries are welcome. Minimum quantities apply. 1877 766 2668

1 review for Ski-doo Pto Bearing Buddy

  1. Mike Day

    after seeing my buddys sled with a bearing buddy and recently noticing my 800HO was in need of a seal after a belt blew I decided to purchase the bearing buddy…the service was top shelf and my questions were answered quick weather it was email or phone..the buddy was easy to install and the directions were awesome…I would recommend this product

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