Snowmobile Ramp and Roll Kit Buddy

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Snowmobile Ramp and Roll Kit.  The do it your self build kit!

Description: Snowmobile Ramp and Roll Kit

Build yourself a ramp so no excuses not to ride when the snow flies!
Save Big$$. Aluminum snowmobile ramps cost 250. and up.
This kit works with any sheet of plywood 5/8 or thicker ( recommended )and 2 pce 2×4 and 1pce 2×2 Just cut a few holes and attach the wheels and other components in the kit to the plywood and you will say ” why didn’t I think of this”.  You angle the plywood against the tailgate and secure it with a couple of tiedowns, get your sled partially onto the plywood and watch your sled roll onto the truck without breaking your back and not worrying about crashing driving the sled up on a truck and most importantly save a few hundred $$.  Guaranteed to work or your money back!
Works on 150’s, 250’s and 350’s style trucks. We will show you how to do extensions for the higher trucks.
Get your project going now!.
Kit includes full instructions, wheels, components and even the wood screws you will require plus sledeze grease for easy sliding! The wood is to be supplied by buyer
Your buddies might joke about this ramp but we guarantee, you will have the last laugh when they ask to borrow it!
You might have to invest another $30.00 in a chain and lock for those aluminum ramps. No one is going walking off with a sheet of plywood!
At the end of the ride, load up your sled in a few seconds and go home! No need to jam those aluminum ramps into your truck and scratch your sled!

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Snowmobile Ramp & Roll Kit

Hey Mikey..Did they copy our specs from our Ramp kit?



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6 reviews for Snowmobile Ramp and Roll Kit Buddy

  1. Wade (verified owner)

    time: 4 hours to build
    Had to build runners in the box and tailgate, because the wheels would not travel over the corrugated metal surface, once I built the runners it worked as advertised. My sled is a 2013 arctic cat XF800 crosstour with 141 track.

  2. David

    Thanks Wade. Please advise which truck and year you own. Some tailgates are deeper than others.

  3. Wade (verified owner)

    My truck is a 2008 f150 fx4 flareside 6.5 foot box

  4. Nate

    This ramp is simple, easy to build, and awesome. Every time I pull up to the trails to unload, I blow someone’s mind and they always say, “why didn’t I think of that?”. Highly recommend this for anyone who rides alone or is looking to haul an extra sled. Works well with my 2004 f150 fx4.

  5. Tony Schnulle (verified owner)

    I recently bought the kit and a few items in the instructions are contradictory. Also there are a few instructions and measurements missing. I hope it works when i am done building it.

    • David

      Some measurements depend on the distance between the skiis

  6. Matthew Upton (verified owner)

    Just built this ramp. Used 3/4″ pressure treated plywood and I added ski slides even though you don’t have to. Instructions were very thorough and the added blueprint was very helpful. I’m very pleased with the final product. Not enough snow at all to test it out yet, but I’m hoping it works as good as it looks. I will be using it on a 2012 Nissan Titan.

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